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            來源:http://www.environmentandpeople.net/ 日期:2022-05-17 發布人:guanli

            今日大家來講說GCR15模具鋼與CR12MOV模具鋼的區別!先說這些的耐磨性能:Z 先GCr15模具鋼耐磨性要比Cr12MoV模具鋼好些,GCr15模具鋼是較常用的高碳鋼鉻45號鋼,因為它具備較高的切削性能,熱處理工藝后可得到高而均衡的強度,熱作模具鋼廠家主要運用于生產制造燃氣輪機、電機車、數控車床、大拖拉機、煉鋼設備、鉆探機和聯軸器等。這需看關鍵看著你用在哪兒了,GCr15模具鋼相對而言也是非常貴的,相比而言Cr12MOV模具鋼劃算一些,如果耐磨性能抗壓強度等領域需求較高或是選Gcr15模具鋼好,鉻成分越高,可獲得的強度越高,解決溫越低。
            Today, let's talk about the difference between GCr15 die steel and Cr12MoV die steel! Let's talk about the wear resistance of these first: the wear resistance of Z first GCr15 die steel is better than that of Cr12MoV die steel. GCr15 die steel is a commonly used high carbon steel chromium 45 steel, because it has high cutting performance and can obtain high and balanced strength after heat treatment. The owners of hot working die steel factory should be used to produce gas turbines, electric locomotives, CNC lathes, large tractors, steel-making equipment, drilling machines and couplings. It depends on where you use it. GCr15 die steel is also very expensive. Compared with Cr12MoV die steel, it is more cost-effective. If the demand in wear resistance, compressive strength and other fields is higher or GCr15 die steel is better, the higher the chromium composition is, the higher the strength can be obtained and the lower the solution temperature is.
            When the steel structure foundation pier mold is applied, the hot work mold steel processing shall use anchor bolts to piece together each template. The overall fabrication of steel structure foundation pier is not only a set of molds, so it is necessary to ensure the consistency of mold models and specifications before it can be successfully connected together. When assembling, there should be no error in each part, otherwise it is very easy to run off the pulp. Each mold is customized according to the actual new project, but it is used not only for a new project, but also for other new projects.
            The thick steel plate commonly used in the production and manufacture of steel structure foundation pier mold is relatively thick. Because the cement pier is usually of solid core structure, more concrete is used in production and processing. The internal structure of steel structure foundation pier formwork shall be filled with all concrete. Although it is similar to the foreign model of the valve well mold, the external electric welding is used to weld the building reinforcement plate, and the inclined plane is smooth and flat, the core mold of the valve well mold is hollow.
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