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            How to select the appropriate die steel for die opening? In fact, the main factors affecting the selection of die steel are output, customer expectations and price. Low price moulds, many of which are made of 45\\. Therefore, the low-end mold basically ignores other factors. Excluding low-end molds, according to the normal idea, from the perspective of molds, the selection of mold steel should consider whether the plastic is corrosive, whether the product has mirror polishing, etching requirements, and the wear performance of mold parts. On this basis, consider the mold mass production grade.
            In addition, high carbon die steel has high strength and hardness. It is used for cutting tools and tool steel. Low carbon die steel: the stress-strain curve during stretching is mainly divided into four stages: elastic stage, yield stage, strengthening stage and local deformation stage. There are obvious yield and necking phenomena in the local deformation stage. At the beginning, it is the elastic stage, which fully obeys Hooke's law and rises along a straight line. After the proportional limit, the deformation accelerates, but there is no obvious yield stage. Low carbon die steel has strong plasticity, high hardness and good tensile strength. It is mostly used for structural bearing.
            At the beginning of quoting mold prices, many customers specify mold steel. Except for being unreasonable, they generally comply with the wishes of customers. If the customer does not specify, it should first communicate with the customer to determine the use of die steel, and then quote the die price. Here, we need to make a basic judgment on the die steel, which is roughly summarized as follows:
            Low end low-cost die, 45\\p20 die steel or die steel.
            S136 die steel is required for high price die and high mirror surface, and 1.2316 die steel is required for strong corrosion
            Non corrosive NAK80 die steel or 718H die steel
            8407 die steel, H13 die steel and 1.2344 die steel are commonly used for hard molds.
            Die steel with good wear resistance and hardness shall be selected for those with high quality and precision requirements.
            There are also many people who divide according to the mold output. In fact, according to the personal idea of Shandong mold steel Xiaobian, they will think that in addition to the test mold and low-end mass production mold (generally refers to the mold with less than 300000 times), the output factor should not be too large. For truly high-quality products, when the mold has been produced for 500000 times, there must be a difference in product quality. It's just a question of acceptability. The materials used for the moulds of this segment have basically reached a certain level. After reaching this level, the ratio of material to output will not be too large.
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